Funny story:

Once upon a time, I was at work and I was hot. It was at this moment when my pits started sweating and smelling not so great that I realized I was royally screwed.

My friends, I have the armpits of a god. Their wrath on a hot day is unforgiving and relentless. Basically, it was 8:00 a.m. and I was starting to turn.

As I was frantically racking my brain for a way to not smell like a troll, I remembered you can make deodorant with a few simple ingredients. So, I quickly threw together ½ tsp corn starch, ½ tsp baking soda and juuuust enough coconut oil to make a paste. Yes, I did this at work. I’m a nanny and luckily for me, the sweet, sweet angel baby who I quite enjoyed caring for (I’m serious-I really loved my job!) was sleeping. It took me about two minutes to put that together and BAM!

No stinky Katie. All day long.

Yes, gurl!

A couple baking ingredients kept me smelling neutral all day. Now, I say and mean neutral. It didn’t smell like cool, crisp cucumber. It was “not stinky” scented.

Anyway, I ended up using this emergency deodorant for a week or so by rubbing a small amount on my underarms. Once I ran out, I made another batch but it was drying out and getting kind of hard to use. I decided to try and find a way to make a stick of deodorant and was pleasantly but not really surprised that someone had thought of that already.

I followed this recipe but used a mixture of tea tree oil, lavender, grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime essential oils instead of the ones that the author suggested.

Here, you can see how simple it is: melt everything together and stir it well. Then pour it into the deodorant container and let it cool. That’s it!

This stick is a bit hard to apply so I roll it on and rub any tiny chunks that may be there in. I have a nice, lavender citrusy scent that eventually dissipates to that neutral scent later. It’s pretty awesome and it’s better for me! Most of all, I’m super proud of myself for making something I use everyday.

I basically followed the directions from the website and have been using the same roll for a few months now with very few complaints. However, I do have a few tips and things I will explore after I use this stick (if it ever runs out!)

  • The next time I make this, I’m going to try and make it a little easier to apply. I’d give you a tip about how to do that but I don’t really know yet.
  • As far as the ingredients, I bought my beeswax and essential oils on Amazon but it would be better if you could get them locally. I probably could have but I was not in the mood to search all over Madison and I wanted to make it ASAP.
  • I used a combination of a bunch of different essential oils. I’d give you the amounts, but I tapped the bottom of the vials too hard and some of the oils poured out too quickly to count the drops. #noob :/
  • Use your old deodorant container if it was a solid stick. I’m not sure how this would work with a gel container. The picture I posted still has the label, but I eventually just peeled it off. Maybe I should make my own label!
  • It doesn’t really go on invisible, but it’s not super noticeable and like all deodorants, make sure you put this on after you get dressed so that you don’t rub it all over your clothes. It does have oil in it, so there’s a chance it might cause stains. I haven’t had this problem, but be warned.
  • Make sure you rub this in. If you roll the deodorant without rubbing it in, it will not work. I’ve done this a couple times by mistake or if I was rushing but on a hot day, the sweat-deodorant mixture will literally pool and run. Down. Your. Arm. It only took me a couple ‘shirt rains’ to never let that happen again. Gross.
  • You’ll feel super proud of yourself if you make this.

So that’s it! I definitely recommend you at least try to make this deodorant. It’s easy, fun and better for you than the stuff you can get in stores.

Have you ever made your own deodorant? If so, what was the consistency like for you? If you have any tips, I’d love to have them!

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I Made My Own Deodorant and It Was Awesome


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